Quality Outdoor Living Space a Winner, Especially in the South!

A well built, well maintained deck adds so much to our lives, especially here in South Carolina where it can be enjoyed almost the entire year round. But, I’m reminded everyday, that many homes have no deck at or a deck so small that its use is very limited. Others have decks that are existing in disrepair. Rotted wood. Jagged edges. Likely because they were poorly constructed in the first place or the materials used were inferior. That explains why I’ve taken this decking dilemma into my own hands…literally.

What are the clear advantages of a well-sized, high quality deck? 

  1. The exhilaration that outdoor living offers can’t be replicated. From hanging out to eating out, you’ll be energized whenever you’re fortunate enough to be enjoying it.
  2. It is one home improvement that ALWAYS adds value to your house. No real estate expert ever takes issue with that declaration. Your buyer’s decision will be influenced by positive emotion and we’ve just agreed a great deck generates just that.
  3. More living space can’t be a bad thing. Especially in a climate where your deck will welcome you regularly. 
  4. A new deck can get you fired up! Today, a high quality deck can either offer a firepit or directly lead you to one. A deck adjacent to an outside fireplace is equally awe-inspiring. S’mores on the back deck? Heaven!  
  5. What better place to party with friends and family? Every occasion is more special when Mother Nature adds you to her guest list. 
  6. Cooking is more fun on a deck. From simply grilling out to enjoying a fully applianced outdoor kitchen, it’s better outdoors and a few feet off the ground. New look 
  7. A great deck will grow on you…and give you another place to grow things. Think container gardens and built-in planters. With those add-ons,   your neighbors will be green with envy. 
  8. It will bring a smile to your face, even when it is not being used. Trust me on this one. Your family will be equally appreciative. 

Whether you are building new, rehabbing old or expanding its size, make sure an experienced professional does the work. And be sure to consider the use of  synthetic decking materials like TimberTech composite decking. And, yes, don’t skip on the railings. Stainless steel cables are worth a serious look. Also, you won’t ever regret making it bigger than you originally anticipated. More deck translates to more options, more comfort and more ‘me’ space. How can that be bad? Aren’t you ready to get “decked out?”