There’s No Better Way to Wash Away 2020

Making your master bath a special place always translates to a win/win.    It will brighten your day or night. Of equal importance, it will make your home that much more desirable when the time comes to put in on the market.

Open your mind to a bathroom that boasts spa-like ambience and state-of-the-art fixtures. With a little planning and the right remodeling pro, your master bath could become much more than a simply the place where you take care of personal hygiene.

Start with walls and floors. Tile can change everything. Mosaic tile. Stone-looking tile. Wood looking tile. Accents. Glass tile. And how about heated floors while we’re at it?

Think vanity. Or vanities. Can’t decide on a double vanity sinks? If at all possible the answer is yes and yes. Vanities play a practical and aesthetic role as they occupy a great deal of your available space.  

So, how are you getting all wet? Separate bathtub and shower units? Traditional combination bath and shower?Just an oversized tub? There is a lot to think about, but your budget and the amount of space you have to work with may help you answer those questions, at least in part.   

Get soaked! You’ve got plenty of luxury bathtub options from which to choose? Soaking tubs. Decorative clawfoot tubs. 2-person tubs. Hydrotherapy tubs. 

Let’s talk showers. Oversized and big enough for 2? Temperature controls? Jet sprays in the walls? Rain showerheads? Tile? Benches?  Built-ins?

Don’t make this decision sitting down. Or should you? Toilets exist of all qualities. They are even available at different heights. Some even offer bidet attachments. Don’t make this decision hastily. And ask your remodeler if there’s room to put the fixture in a water closet. 

Get the light right. Lighting is one factor you don’t want to overlook. Think bright when you need it and soothing when you want it. The importance of lighting in setting a mood can’t be underestimated. That may explain why there is even a new luxury chromotherapy upgrade for tubs that offers small sequenced colored lighting. 

Actually, every detail matters. Mirrors. Faucets. Shelving. Storage. Fans. Built-ins. Ceiling treatments. Do your research. The master bath should appeal to you on all levels.   

Go for it! Research confirms that kitchens and baths change the way a house lives exponentially. Give yourself a spa level experience without leaving your front door. Haven’t you earned it?