What You Know in Advance Is Important

One it comes to finding the right remodeling pro, there is no stereotypical superstar. Many times a smaller company will give your project more TLC and attention than the big guys. If you are pleased with the answers you get to these five questions, odds are strong that the project will be completed to your satisfaction and the entire process will be smooth from estimate to completion and follow-up.

  1. Do they have experience performing the project or projects you want them to address? Start up by clearly outlining the exact end results that you are seeking. Are you adding a sunroom? Replacing a wood floor? Remodeling a bathroom? Expanding your back deck? The more specific you outline your expectations, the more your prospective remodeling pro can share their experiences.
  2. Can they supply actual references? OK. Now that they’ve told you what they have done, can you get a former client of theirs to validate what they say. It’d be even better if your remodeler could  supply you with contact information and, if possible, photos from previous jobs. Check also to see if they have good online reviews.  
  3. Do they have a temperament that you would enjoy working with? No one expects the remodeling pro you hire to be your best friend, but you should feel very comfortable with the team you are entrusting your project…and your home to for an extended period of time. Are they patient when you ask them important questions? Do you feel comfortable with them in your presence?
  4. Do you know how exactly they operate? Are they properly insured? Do they pull appropriate permits? Have you discussed how and who materials and supplies needed are paid? Do they offer a warranty in writing?
  5. Are you in agreement with the expected payment terms in advance of starting? Every project is different. However, be wary of advancing too much money before work begins. Never pay in full until the work meets your satisfaction.  

Don’t be embarrassed doing your homework. If a remodeler is uncomfortable with you being thorough in the selection process, they probably will probably not give your project the attention you know that it deserves,