Why Wait? Find the Right Remodeling Professional and Get Going!

Moving to your dream house is often anything but a dream. Why? You love the location of your house. You hate the thought of packing your belongings. You’re not excited about paying another round of closing costs. And why should you be?

Now is the ideal time to turn your house into the home you’ve been dreaming about forever. You’ve spent enough time in your house during this pandemic to know exactly what upgrades that you’d like to make. And, the even better news is that interest rates on home equity loans (HELOCs) are historically low. 

Bigger really will be better. Punch out a wall. Add a sunroom. Expand your deck and add a grilling porch. Put a dormer in your daughter’s bedroom. Consider an addition that adds the great room you always wanted.

You have big plans for your kitchen and it’s time to get cooking! State-of-the-art appliances. New countertops. Tile flooring. A new pantry. That’s just a start.

Make your master bedroom masterful. More windows. Hardwood floors. New lighting. And more closet space. Make that much more closet space.

Make your master bath shine, too. A new soaking tub? A dual shower? Both? An oversized linen closet? Let those thoughts sink in.

Add the office you now know you need. Nobody needs to be taking zoom calls in the middle of your kitchen. Or your living room. You likely know how that affects all of you.

Go froggin’! If you have the opportunity to add a FROG (Finished Room Over Garage), do it. Turn it into that guest suite you need. Or the place where the kids can entertain their friends. How about a man cave? Or the office that was alluded to earlier. 

Wash your frustrations away with a better laundry room. One with plenty of storage. Even more counter space. Maybe with a dropdown ironing board. Make doing the laundry less of a chore.

So where do you start? Research online. Drive around with a notebook close at hand. Make a wish list in priority order. Then find out the size of loan you will be able to acquire. With today’s technology, that should not be difficult to discover.

And most importantly, find the remodeling professional that makes you confident that every step will go as promised. Ask for references. See some photos of their work. And have them clarify a timeline as well as the ways their work will impact your everyday life. 
You got this! And in a few months, any thought of moving will be a distant memory.