Here’s 7 Reasons That It’s Likely A Great Idea

  1. A new bathroom is always a great investment. It is a proven fact that a great bathroom sways a buyer positively. That means that you can enjoy the upgrade today and reap the benefit when you do put your house on the market. 
  2. Bathrooms develop problems over the years. Why? Constant use of hot water subjects your bathroom to high amounts of heat and humidity. The at translates to ongoing moisture, the perfect recipe for bacteria build up. The potential results: mold and deteriorating walls. Both need your attention.
  3. Your fixtures have aged and your shower and/or bath have likely become less appealing. Besides replacing the toilet and sink, it always makes great sense to replace fiberglass bath/shower units with tile. They exude quality and look far more inviting to both you…and the next buyer. 
  4. Your needs have changed. Maybe you expect more, like a whirlpool tub or an oversized shower. Maybe your kids have gotten older. Maybe your Mom is moving in a half bath now needs to become a full bath. 
  5. You lack storage space. A keenly remodeled bathroom captures storage space in ways you currently can’t imagine. Fortunately, an experienced remodeling professional can.  
  6. Your bathroom needs obvious  work. You may be experiencing plumbing issues as your pipes deteriorate. The bathroom may lack the electrical outlets you need. Could it be that the windows are too small and the bathroom currently has no fan?
  7. It may be less safe that you deserve…for any number of reasons. Doors may open the wrong direction. Shower floors may have become excessively slipper through wear. Leaky faucets may have created underlying havoc. You’ve pushed it to the limit with all of your devices.

One thing is certain: you will need a professional remodeler who is experienced in all facets of the job. When you are ready to give a bathroom, or more than one bathroom, the attention deserved, be sure to do your homework in advance. It is especially beneficial if they are tile experts as quality tile will take your bathroom to the next level. One last piece of advice: give your shower or bath the TLC it deserves! You will be thrilled you did…every morning or every night!