Finding the Right Repair/Remodeling Pro Changes Everything

Interest rates are historically low. House prices are exploding. Your equity is building. And the ways to bring your house to the next level have never been more prevalent.

The time is now…

  • To make those repairs you’ve been waiting for. Some can’t wait any longer. For example, if wood rot has begun to creep into your window sills, your doorways, your deck or your porch, waiting could make these repairs much more costly down the road. If mold is involved, you can’t afford to wait. 
  • To turn your laundry room into one that minimizes the drudgery of clothes care. New shelving. New flooring. More space. You know exactly what we mean.
  • To create that master bath you have long deserved. Haven’t you earned that oversized shower, that soaking tub, that second vanity? The answer is yes, yes and yes.
  • To stop fantasizing and start remodeling your kitchen. Maybe that means taking down a wall, resurfacing your counters, replacing your cabinets and appliances. Just maybe it’s time for all of that.
  • To give your great room a new coat of paint. Get up the nerve to add a different color on an accent wall. And you’ll probably like that decision so much, you’ll want to repaint the powder room and the kids’ rooms.
  • To discover the magic of tile. Accent tiles. Tile floors. Tile backdrops. Tiled showers. You won’t be disappointed.
  • To double the size of your deck. After all, is there another “room” in the house that gives you and your family so much joy? Likely not. Go big!
  • To add that addition so you’re not so cramped…to put real hardwood floors in the master bedroom…

The time is also now…to make sure that the repair/remodeling company  you choose will not disappoint. Whether your projects are “need to dos” or “would be greats,” it is imperative that your contracting pro really is a professional. Interview them in person to make sure you feel comfortable trusting them. Check their references. Understand their estimating and billing policies. Make sure they’re licensed. Once you’re confident that they will deliver, go for it. The time is now.