Complete A Well Thought Out Punch List So Your Buyer Won’t Have To.

Mortgage rates are historically low, so there has never been a better time to sell your home. Houses on the market are in short supply, especially here in the Lowcountry. And some astute buyers are getting prices that are even surpassing their highest expectations. 

So how can you get top, top dollar for your house? Complete the punch list your perspective buyer will demand…even before you list your house. That way, you won’t give the prospective buyer unnecessary negotiating power.

It starts with a thorough, eyes-open tour of your house. Both inside and out, that is. From your landscaping to your closets to your living space to your crawl space, pay attention to every detail. You certainly know the potential buyer’s home inspector will.

If your pre-listing punch list includes the issues most do, engage the type of company that can promptly and affordably address most, if not, all of your concerns. Bringing in different specialists takes more time and more cash. Engaging the services of a respected and reputable  reputable home repair company is likely your most prudent choice. A worthwhile suggestion: Have them walk the house with you.

Some stuff must be attended to, no questions asked. If you’ve got wood rot, anywhere…by doors or windows, on the front porch or the deck. Wood rot can easily scare off a new buyer. At the very least, it will up their concern that the rot might signal bigger problems. 

Pay attention to what’s most visible. If you see an issue, your buyers and their realtors and home inspectors certainly will. You would, too, before making such a big investment. 

Start outside and work your way in. Curb appeal matters. Landscaping. Loose roof shingles. The front screen door. The broken railing on the deck. Is there a gap between the bottom of your garage door and your driveway? Are your gutters awry? Are your shutters in good shape?

Move inside and check out your walls. Paint where needed, even if it’s an entire room. Touch up where you can. Fill the whole that the kids created by accident. You get the idea.

Make sure your windows are functioning well. No breaks. The caulking is right. Check that each lock correctly. And yes, if you have sliding or french doors, make sure they still add appeal that they should. 

What story do your floor coverings tell? If it is not one you like, come up with a plan. Replace some carpet. Refinish some hardwood. Replace broken tile. Floors should attract and not detract. 

And nothing is more important than your kitchen, baths and laundry room. Would installing new cabinet door handles be a good idea? Does your toilet seat need replacing? Are the shelves in the laundry room a turn off. 
I could go on, but by now you realize that what are easy repairs and tweaks in advance can really cost you at closing time if you ignore them. The game is to get your house  to the point that the potential buyer has the world’s shortest punch list for you to address in order to consummate the purchase of your home. Good luck. With the right company engaged, this will go very smoothly. Better still, you’ll rest comfortably knowing that you got the maximum sale price possible.