5 Reasons to Give the Exterior of Your Home the TLC It Deserves

You’ve been considering painting your home’s exterior for a while now. You’re pretty sure that it deserves the attention, but are hoping to squeeze a few more years out of the old paint job. Sound familiar?

Waiting may sound good, but waiting too long has its costs. Repainting your home’s exterior may be just what the doctor ordered for your house. And you. Why?

  1. Paint doesn’t last forever; it has an expiration date. Few things in life are timeless. Paint certainly isn’t one of them. There is no upside to pushing your old paint job to its limits. And don’t skimp on paint quality when you do decide to give your house a fresh coat. Doing so will likely cost you in a myriad of ways.
  1. The painting process brings those areas that need attention to the forefront. Wood rot happens all too often and all too often goes unnoticed. Be sure your painter is on the lookout for that. Some painters/repair contractors are equally skilled at remedying wood tot as they are at painting. They should also be on the lookout for gutter, roof or window issues. 
  1. A fresh coat of paint delays the wrath of Mother Nature. Whatever the elements, and here in the South we get to experience many of them firsthand, a quality paint job acts as an important line of first defense. For starters, that paint job can reduce the risk of the aforementioned problems caused by wood rot.
  1. A quality paint job adds to your house’s value. The exterior look of a home often helps potential buyers decide  if they will even enter the home to see more. A professionally painted house is like a well-landscaped home. Outstanding curb appeal is proven to add to the sales price and reduce time on the market. 
  1. A newly painted house promises to bring a smile to your face. Let’s face it. Driving up to a great looking house that has you listed as its owner evokes very positive emotions. And for good reason. Your home is likely your biggest investment… and the place at which you spend the most time. It deserves the TLC a fresh exterior paint job provides. 

Now that you’ve made the decision to go for it, resist the urge to take the cheapest bid. Odds are that decision will cost you in the long run. If possible, hire a team of professionals that understand painting and home maintenance. You won’t be disappointed. And your house and your wallet will thank you for it. Today and tomorrow.