Composite decking

While the world slows down over Covid 19, not everything comes to a halt. For us, there has never been a better time to tackle that outdoor project you’ve been putting off. We have the talent, the materials and the most aggressive pricing that we’ve had in years. We are excited to help you take your home to the next level. 

We’ve compiled a list to get you thinking.

  1. Get decked out.  We live here for lots of reasons and few are more important than being able to enjoy your backyard all year long. No deck? C’mon. That has to change. Want to expand it, repair it, add features to it? Great! We love decks. Wood or composite. Basic or fancy. Big or small. You make the call.
  2. Consider a new spring coat. There is nothing like a freshly painted house. When you drive up the driveway, are cutting the lawn or kicking the soccer ball with the kids, you’re bound to smile when you see your home’s fresh look. And why not, that paint job will further protect your house and add to its value. Do you have an inkling to change its exterior color…or just the trim color?
  3. Go FROG-ging. Isn’t it time to build that FROG: Finished Room Over Garage? Better still, can that room actually be a studio apartment instead? Either way…it’s valuable space you should think about adding. Today. It’s one investment that you will never regret.
  4. Address the projects that you’ve been trying to ignore. No, not every home expense adds pleasure. Some eliminate future pain. The time is now so the problems don’t become major in the months or years ahead.
  • Fix that wood rot. You know where it is. By your windows. Near the corner of the garage. At the base of your front porch. If you wait too long, you’ll be calling us to fix bigger structural problems.
  • Let mold know it’s no longer welcome. Our certified mold remediation professionals will go down under…into your crawl space. The space where mold goes to live and insulation goes to die.

It’s likely we haven’t listed the outdoor project you need addressed today. That’s fine by us. We’re all ears. And a lot of experience, patience and tools.