Kitchen remodel
  1. A refreshed kitchen will absolutely inject energy into you and your family’s mindset. Everything changes immediately when you refresh. Your entire house will feel lighter, hipper, more welcoming. Family time will increase…naturally. Even chores will become less daunting. Everyone might even volunteer to pitch in when the dishes need to be done. (OK…maybe that’s stretching it.) 
  2. Your gang currently spends more time there than anywhere else in the house. Imagine after you remodel. You cook there. You probably eat there at least some of the time. Your counter or breakfast nook often is home to informal chats, homework help or that late night snack that the two of you try to sneak in before bedtime. 
  3. Your remodeled kitchen will likely bring light into the room in ways previously unavailable. Will you add more windows? How about French doors? Can you open the room up to what was a formal dining room or den to create a great room? Will cabinet reconfiguration change the way you see things? Likely a number of these questions will be met by a resounding Yes!
  4. New buyers love great kitchens. Who doesn’t want their house to appreciate in value? A well-planned and executed kitchen remodel is one of the few home improvements that experts say almost always increases the sales appeal of a home. Win now and win later. Who doesn’t like that?  
  5. Your old kitchen promises not to welcome new appliances and new technology nearly as well as your new one will. Smarter refrigerators. Gadget-laden sinks. Recessed appliances. Wide screen TV’s. Responsive sound systems. State-of-the-art cooking equipment. Computer tablet access. You get the idea of all that’s possible when you remodel. 
  6. Your new kitchen will allow you to take advantage of today’s superior surfaces. The toughest decision may become what countertop material you should choose. Granite? Quartz? Some New Age composite? Imported tile? A combination? Then, having to make backsplash choices may blow your mind. 
  7. It promises to make cooking more fun. Better planned space. More user-friendly appliances. Improved functionality. Who knows? You’ll more likely enjoy hosting a holiday meal or the book club than ever before. You might even want to tackle that new complicated recipe you found on Pinterest when you’re in your new kitchen.  
  8. A quality remodel makes storage a breeze, not a nightmare. Start with these thoughts…greater access to ingredients, a dream pantry and pots and pans you don’t have to hide in the guest room closet anymore. It only gets better from there. 
  9. Even a modest kitchen remodel can change the way you enjoy your coffee every morning. No, your remodel kitchen doesn’t have to double your mortgage. You can do alot without going over the top and still bring a world of change to your home’s most public showplace. 
  10. You can personalize it in ways you only dreamed of in the past. Like wine? Play cards? Need an office nook? Have certain heirlooms you’ve always wanted to display? Want plants to be prominent? You get the idea.

Remember. It’s your kitchen. Do your research. Open your mind. Speak up in advance. And handpick an experienced kitchen remodeling pro who listens, suggests and delivers. There’s at least 10 fabulous reasons you won’t regret the extra effort.